The Juice High School Tour

Success begins with an individual’s commitment to community. By lending one’s time and effort to the place they call home, traits such as discipline, respect and work ethic are learned. Through initiatives like community service, volunteering and social responsibility teaches an individual that, positive contributions within your own backyard guarantee success wherever you go.

 “A helping hand builds community, strong communities foster hope.”

What Is Juice? 

The word "juice" metaphorically refers to the essence of an individual- including the individual's character. Juice can also be attributed to the motivation of a person, begging the question, "How much juice do you have?"

The Juice High School Tour, is a 90 minute mobile event that promotes social responsibility and community for high school students. The event plans to travel to 12 high schools in March 26th –April 13th 2018.  The Juice High School Tour will reach over 20,000 students between the ages of 14-18.


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