Eyesore No More? Inside pics of The Majesty Building!

Progress Update, interior photos of The Majesty Building (aka Eyesore on I-4)

On the day they broke ground for The Majesty Building...

...Destiny's Child had the #1 hit on the radio....George W. Bush had just become our 43rd President....ER, Friends and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire were all Top 5 TV Shows

Babies born that day are about to be High School Seniors.  There was no Facebook, Twitter or iPhone.  Primitive times, indeed.

For most of the following 17 years, construction has proceeded as a snail's pace with progress being dependent on donations to the building's owner, religious broadcaster "SuperChannel" (55).

The pace has picked up.

If you've driven by the Majesty Building you'll notice there's been quite a spurt of activity this year.  Most of the windows are in place.  Parking structures are springing up that will have room for 1,000 vehicles.  Interior lights light up the building at night.While they are understandably gunshy to make any more predictions about a completion date, there is clear excitement about being in the homestretch of the exterior.  

Inside Photos of The Majesty Building (aka Eyesore on I-4)

In July, during Red Hot & Boom, our photographers were granted access to take closeup pictures of the exterior, the inside of the building and of the incredible views from the top balcony!

Check out the gallery below and share your thoughts on our Facebook post.

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