Cardi B Has a Little Post-Pregnancy Problem

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If you've rocked with Cardi B for -- wait scratch that. If you've ever used the internet in the past two years then you've definitely seen a social video or two of Cardi's. Although the Bodak Yellow rapper is a famed household name celeb now, she definitely gained much of her following off of her candid and wacky video clips. It's safe to say that the internet has always been her online diary where we got a glimpse into the life of a reality tv star turned A-list celebrity. Now we're watching as Cardi deals with Motherhood. 

The rapper took to Instagram Friday (10/19) to show off her fit body in her latest post. Rocking a black sports bra and track pants, Cardi flaunts her flat stomach only 3 months after giving birth. However, the new mom still has questions that need answers. She captioned the photo asking her fans and friends for maternal tips. 

"Ladies how do you guys get rid of the black line in the middle of your stomach after giving birth?? cause b*tch--------," she wrote.


The line that Cardi is referring to is called the pregnancy line and is typically caused by changing hormones, according to the American Pregnancy Association. Many women have the line after giving birth, so Cardi's post garnered a lot of helpful responses. 

Shea butter and a blend of oils were suggested as a tool to quickly rid the tummy of the mommy line, but some celebs jumped in with their own advice. Tamar Braxton and Jessica Alba commented and told the rapper that time is her best remedy. 

Since having her baby, Cardi has been very open about the trials of motherhood. On Wednesday (October 17), the new mom joined Jimmy Kimmel Live and opened about what shocked her the most when she gave birth to her daughter Kulture Kiari in July

"It was totally harder [than I thought]," the "I Like It" rapper said about welcoming her baby girl. "She broke my vagina... Why nobody tells you about those things?" Cardi asked. "Nobody told me they were gonna stitch my vagina. People just be like, ‘Oh, you know, when you give birth, it’s gonna hurt.’ But nobody tells you [that]."

Even through all the pain, Cardi says it was all worth it to become Kultures mother. The only problem she has now is navigating fame with a baby. 

“There’s certain things that I want to do with my daughter. Like, I want to go to the beach with my baby, I want to take a stroll down the street with my baby. And I can’t because I don’t know who’s next to me and who has certain intentions," she explained. "I don’t wanna show my baby out to the public right now. I just want to protect her. I’m not mentally ready. So paparazzi be everywhere... So right now I gotta keep it really low key."

Watch the Jimmy Kimmel Live interview below! 



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