Juneteenth Celebration. Meet us at the Cook Out!

Welcome back to HUSH. If you're reading this, welcome to the Society. 

This event is for those looking for a change of scenery. The focus is on Cocktails, Food, Hookah and Conversations. This night is made for those that want to get out, but are NOT trying to do the club or bar scene. There is NEVER a cover. Our mantra is to have Quality over Quantity. We want our crowd to reflect that. Thank you for joining and we will see you at HUSH.  

For the Month of June, we have for our loyal members and guests, please enjoy:

*Soundtrack by DJ Dalastmo

*Complimentary food by Jesse's Rib Shack

*Watch theBIG GAMESon multiple screens

*Enjoy $120 on select premium bottles.

*Specialty handcrafted cocktails

*Bottle service, hookah and cigars are available with pricing listed below.  

*Hookah available 


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