Reggae Artist Sizzla Sets His DJ Khaled Platinum Plaques On Fire

Sizzla & DJ Khaled

Photo: Getty Images

It seems like Sizzla and DJ Khaled are no longer on good terms after the Jamaican artist literally burned the longstanding bridge between them.

On Thursday, December 8, Sizzla Kalonji took to Instagram to upload videos of himself setting several platinum plaques from Khaled's past hits on fire. The video starts off with Sizzla breaking apart the plaque he received for his work on Khaled's 2017 album Grateful. As he begins to pull the plaque apart, Sizzla claims that Khaled "insulted" him.

"You insult me," Sizzla said in the series of videos. "You're not the best, you're the worst...Burn the devil. Burn corruption."

The plaques commemorated the success of Khaled's Grateful and Father of Asahd albums. Sizzla and his people made sure to cut out his son Asahd from both plaques before they burned them. He emphasized that the "babies are innocent" and decided to keep the images from himself. After posting two videos that show a flaming pile of remains, Sizzla posted another video in which he repeated the claim that Khaled insulted him. He doesn't provide any other details that explains why he burned the plaques.

The seasoned artist received the plaques for his work on the intro to Grateful and "Holy Mountain" featuring Buju Banton, Mavado and 070 Shake, which is the first track on Father of Asahd. Khaled also had Sizzla come through for "These Streets Know My Name" on his God Did album.

Prior to this incident, there hadn't been any public evidence of a rift between the two until today. So far, DJ Khaled has not commented on Sizzla's actions. See the rest of Sizzla's videos below.

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