One Woman Dead & Four Wounded After Shooting At Fredo Bang Concert

Fredo Bang

Photo: Getty Images

Police are getting closer to finding out what happened at Fredo Bang's recent concert in Arkansas.

According to a report KAIT 8 published on Sunday, February 5, a 19-year-old woman was fatally shot and four other people were injured during a shooting that unfolded outside of the Louisiana artist's show at the Old Branch building in Newport, Ark. Shots were fired at 2:30 a.m. while the concert was still going on. Tamrionna Jarrett, 19, passed away due to the gunshot wounds she sustained while four other victims were also hit by gunfire. One of the victims was airlifted to a hospital in Little Rock.

Police in Newport have already arrested two suspects who they believe were involved with the shooting. Richard McGee, 31, and Aaron Warren, 28, are currently being held at the Jackson County Detention Center. They haven't been indicted yet but police are expected to file formal charges. They also believe that there will be more arrests made in the future. Rodrick Spearman, who was working security at the event, was trying to get people inside the building after the shooting. He said the concert ended with any other issues.

“I know there was no weapons inside the building or anything like that, we had 10 security guards we had an off-duty sheriff," Spearman said. "That was pretty much… I mean, they controlled everything.”

As of this report, there's no indication that Fredo Bang was injured or involved with the shooting. He had just released his new single "Hop Out" just days before the show.

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