LISTEN: Shark Expert Accused Of Biting Bradenton Nonprofit's Cash

BRADENTON -- A researcher who's been seen on cable TV shows about sharks, is now accused of treating a Bradenton nonprofit as prey.

Bradenton police say Georgia Southern University biology professor Christine Bedore stole at least 300-thousand dollars from a nonprofit that supports shark research and students.

"Dr. Bedore prioritized her own personal needs above... the scientific community," according to BPD public information officer Meredith Censullo.

Censullo says Bedore used money from the American Elasmobranch Society to pay for a car, medical procedures, entertainment and pet insurance.

Bedore has been seen on shows such as National Geographic Shark Fest. She's jailed on $200 thousand bond.

Listen to an interview with Meredith Censullo below:

Photo: Canva/Bradenton PD

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