It’s the one and only Dj D-Strong! I bet you’re wondering what the “D” stands for…lol. Ask and I’ll tell ya! I guess it’s safe to say that I’m a lover of music. I don’t see how any creature walking on earth couldn’t be. If you ask me…”Music Makes The World Go Round”! I was born and raised in good old New York, not to be confused with “NYC”. I’m from a little town in upstate NY called “Poughkeepsie” (have fun trying to pronounce that one). At this point though I might as well consider myself a Floridian, being that I’ve been here for over 15 years now.

As one of the Dj’s of BET 106 & PARK I still visit NYC quite often and usually get home sick after a day and a half. What can I say I LOVE FLORIDA and everything about it except for the Miami Heat. Team Magic all day over here and you can you can catch me courtside djing all the home games here in town since I just landed the gig as the “Official Orlando Magic Dj”.

Overall I’m a hardworking humble dude just enjoying all my blessings. I truly believe you get out of life whatever you put in and that’s why I leave it all on the line. The sky is the limit and don’t ever let anyone discourage you or crush your dreams. GO FOR YOURS!!!!