The "DONDA 2" Listening Event Was a MESS!!

The first half of the "DONDA 2" listening session in Miami went without a hitch.

Visually, the stage production was incredible. The burning of Kanye's childhood home, the lighting, the hundreds of extras that surrounded the performers.

We even saw some great surprise verses from XXXtentacion, Jack Harlow, the Migos, and more.

The second half, though, was a completely different story.

It seems as if there was some sort of disconnect between the audio Ye and company were hearing live and the audio we heard via the stream and in the stadium.

Ye was visibly angry, even electing to chuck the microphone at one point due to his frustrations.

Fivio Foreign was beats behind his actual verse, Playboi Carti was screaming into the mic, whole verses were missed. It was just a mess.

Check out some clips below.

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