Westside Lucas Freestyles Over 2Pac "I Get Around"

David Bowie, John Lennon, Brother Polight, Malcom X, Huey Newton, and Einstein are just a few names to classify the bracket of creativity, knowledge, and craftsmanship Westside Lucas puts into himself, his music and his beliefs. At 20 year old, the Orlando Native lives a Hippy lifestyle, representing peace, love & positivity. Along with his wild energy, he brings out the 'real you' when watching him in his element. He makes you think outside the box of life as he expresses his thoughts through sentences and phrases. The young God is definitely something to look out for in the future. Make sure you don't oversleep when the alarm sounds. 

Instagram: @westsidelucas

Twitter: @westsidelucass

Facebook: Westside Lucas

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