OMG!!! I cut all my hair off... MYSELF!

For years, I've been wanting to cut off my damaged hair. But I was so afraid. My curls use to be so defined and so healthy. I never use to straighten my hair much because it took so much work and no hair stylist would even TOUCH my hair for under $100.

 I moved to Orlando and discovered a popular Dominican Salon on the east side, that only charged me $35 to straighten my hair. Which was UNHEARD OF! I started going once a month, once a month turned into twice a month, which eventually turned into EVERY WEEK! I was so in love with how convenient it was to have straight hair, that I did not realize how much damage I was doing to my curls. Needless to say by the time I realized it, I had SO much heat damage that I literally would have had to shave my entire head and start over, to get healthy curls again.

Over the course of about 3 years I stopped going to the Dominican Salon, and attempted to use less heat on my hair. Which has gotten me to the point of wanting to cut my damaged ends and focus on getting my healthy curls back. I decided to do this myself because as you can see there is an extremely visible divide as to where the healthy part of my hair is and where the damaged parts are. 

Although this will take a lot to get use to I am over all happy with how much healthier my hair looks and how much more define my curls are. Can't wait to keep you guys updated on my hair journey. Let's hope I can actually STOP using heat this time.

Look how healthy my curls were! 

I can't wait for my curls to be this defined again

Okay, This picture gives me hope! Lol. 

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